Understanding the Risks of Portable Generators

December 12, 2023
Generator Installation in De Soto, MO

Generators can keep your home electricity running when the main grid fails. If you’re trying to decide between a portable generator and a whole-home one, you should know about the risks of using portable generators. Let’s explore some of the most common dangers.

Damage to Electronics

Portable generators can cause damage to sensitive electrical gadgets due to their voltage fluctuations or surges. The reliability of electronic components, such as circuit boards and microprocessors, depends on a steady supply of electricity. When connecting electronics to a portable generator, it is advisable to use surge protectors and voltage regulators to keep them safe.

Fuel Spillage

When refilling a portable generator, there is a chance that gasoline will leak, which can cause fires and environmental damage. This is especially true if gasoline spills and comes into contact with a hot part of the generator. To reduce these dangers, it is essential to refill the generator properly, which includes waiting for it to cool before adding fuel and using only certified containers.

Noise Exposure

Portable generators produce high levels of noise during operation, potentially leading to hearing damage with prolonged exposure. It’s crucial to avoid prolonged exposure without proper ear protection to safeguard your hearing health. Placing generators in well-ventilated outdoor areas and considering noise reduction measures helps minimize the risk of noise-related health issues.

Reasons to Use a Home Generator

Using a home generator over a portable one offers several advantages. Home generators are typically installed permanently, ensuring a seamless and automatic power supply during outages. They’re safer, as they’re connected directly to the electrical system, eliminating risks associated with fuel handling and carbon monoxide exposure.

Whole-home generators provide a more stable power output, reducing the risk of damaging sensitive electronics. They also require less manual intervention, allowing for hassle-free operation. While portable generators are useful in certain situations, a professionally installed home generator offers greater convenience, safety, and reliability for long-term or whole-house power needs.

De Soto Electrical Products helps De Soto homeowners with a variety of heating, cooling, and electrical services. We also help homeowners choose the best types of generators for their homes. Generators provide backup power during outages, ensuring you can continue living your normal life. They offer reliability, convenience, and safety, making them indispensable for emergency preparedness and uninterrupted operations. Give us a call today to learn more about the advantages of a home generator.

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