If you’re looking for information about air purifiers in De Soto, MO, De Soto Electrical Products is here to help. Indoor air pollution is a much bigger problem than most people think. The EPA estimates that the concentration of many harmful airborne pollutants and contaminants is typically anywhere from three to five times higher indoors than it is outside.

    Air Purifiers in De Soto, MO

    This means that it is highly likely that you are constantly breathing in many harmful things without even knowing it, especially since the average person spends around 95% of their time inside. We can help you overcome these issues by installing an air filtering or purification system as part of your existing HVAC system.

    De Soto Air Filtering Systems

    There are a wide number of things that can negatively impact your home’s air quality. Mold spores, pollen, dust mites, and pet dander are just a few of the allergens found in most homes, and these can be especially problematic for allergy sufferers or anyone with asthma and other breathing issues. Your home is also likely filled with numerous bacteria and viruses. If anyone in the home is sick, these can easily be spread throughout the entire home whenever your heating or cooling system runs.

    The biggest air quality issue found in most homes is VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other chemical contaminants. Every time you cook inside your home, VOCs are released into the air. Cleaning products can also be a major source of VOCs. If your home has an attached garage, exhaust fumes and fumes from any chemicals stored in the garage can also seep inside and contaminate the air in the home. Still, some of the biggest sources of formaldehyde and other dangerous VOCs are your home’s furnishings and building materials.

    Some of the most common sources of VOCs found in most homes include:
    • Varnish, paint, adhesives, caulk, and sealants
    • Vinyl, wood, and composite flooring and carpets
    • Mattresses, furniture foam, and upholstery
    • Aerosol sprays, air fresheners, and disinfectants

    Exposure to VOCs has been shown to cause many short- and long-term health effects. Many VOCs are also carcinogenic and known to cause certain types of cancer.

    De Soto Air Filtering Systems

    By installing an air filtering system, you can protect your family from these harmful effects. Whole-home air purifiers have been shown to reduce the concentration of VOCs, as well as airborne allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants, by 95% or more. This makes an air filtering system by far the most effective method for improving your home’s indoor air quality.

    Air Purifiers in De Soto

    If you are concerned about your home’s air quality, the team at De Soto Electrical Products offers numerous solutions that can improve it. We specialize in air purifiers and a range of other indoor air quality equipment. Our company is locally owned and operated, and we have been providing professional heating and cooling services for more than 50 years. We are located on State Highway 21 just a short distance from De Soto Country Club, and we serve customers in Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, St. Francis, and St. Genevieve Counties.

    To learn more about our indoor air quality services and solutions, give De Soto Electrical Products a call today.