Three Sure Signs That Your Furnace Should Be Replaced

December 3, 2020
Furnace Replacement in De Soto, MO
Updated On: 10/19/23

On average, a quality furnace lasts 18-20 years when it receives proper maintenance; those with spotty maintenance might only last 10-12 years. There are clues that your furnace needs to be replaced. Here are the three most common ones.

1. Frequent Repairs

As furnaces reach the end of their natural lifespans, they break down more often. One part breaking often leads to other parts suffering the same fate. If having a repair will cost more than 50% of having a new one installed, this is a sign you should get it replaced.

De Soto Electrical Products in De Soto, MO, can assist you with replacing your furnace. We sell Lennox products but can service any make and model.

2. Escalating Utility Bills

Furnaces naturally become less efficient over time. Heating your home makes up a large portion of your energy bills. If your utility bills are steadily increasing, your old furnace is likely to blame.

A major benefit of replacing an old furnace is that new ones are more efficient than ever. You’ll enjoy much lower energy bills than your old one could have ever provided.

3. Yellow Pilot Light

A gas furnace that is operating correctly should have a pilot light that is a clear blue flame. This means that the furnace is burning gas efficiently and that there aren’t any safety issues. You can peek inside when the furnace is on to check the color of the pilot light.

If the pilot is yellow, it could mean the heat exchanger or burner needs maintenance. It could also mean that there’s a serious issue, such as a cracked heat exchanger, and that the furnace has to be replaced. A yellow pilot light often goes hand in hand with carbon monoxide leaks, which endangers your family’s health and safety.

At De Soto Electrical Products, we repair, replace, and maintain gas and electric furnaces. We can also help you with heat pumps, air conditioners, packaged systems, and thermostats. Our other services include electrical work and propane tank refills. If you need service, please give us a call today. We look forward to serving all of your indoor climate comfort needs.

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