Nothing lasts forever, including electrical circuit breakers. If you need new circuit breakers in De Soto, Missouri, let the De Soto Electrical Products team wire in replacements. While these safety devices last a long time, more than 40 years in ideal conditions, even the best breakers break down.

    If you’ve noticed your lights dimming, even when there’s no inclement weather, it’s a sign that there might be something wrong with your breakers. Don’t wait until your circuit breakers fail completely to have a professional electrician take a look.

    What to do When Electrical Circuit Breakers Go Bad

    There are often several signs that indicate your circuit breakers are failing. You might notice your lights dimming or a buzzing sound coming from your panel box. Perhaps there’s a burning smell coming from your outlets or one where you can’t identify the source. These are all signs that there’s a problem with your electrical system that needs immediate attention.

    It’s important to have a licensed electrician take a look at your electrical circuit breakers whenever you notice signs such as:
    • Frequently tripped breakers
    • Discoloration on or around your electrical outlets
    • Buzzing sounds from your breaker box
    • Dimming lights

    Even the most robust circuit breakers tend to stop working after 30-40 years, which means that if you haven’t replaced them since the house was built, it’s likely time. Older homes need regular maintenance to stay current with newer building regulations and safety features.

    Instead of waiting until your circuits won’t turn back on, it’s important to have your breakers fixed as soon as you notice a problem. The team at De Soto Electrical Products can handle a bad breaker or install an entirely new panel box, depending on the severity of the issue.

    Your Team for Circuit Breaker Installation and Repair in De Soto

    At De Soto Electrical Products, we’ve been replacing wiring and installing electrical systems in De Soto homes since 1980. Our team of licensed electricians can handle all your electrical needs from installing new lighting to putting in upgraded electrical outlets.

    We’re known for our fast response times and comprehensive electrical services. From our 24/7 emergency repair line to our same-day service, we offer our customers the service you’d expect from a small business.

    When you want 5-star electrical service, contact the De Soto Electrical Products team in De Soto, MO. We’ll replace aging circuit breakers quickly and leave you with uninterrupted service for years to come.