House water heating boiler with pump, ball valves and filtersTurn to De Soto Electrical Products if you need quality boiler services in De Soto, MO. You have the choice of either a hot water or steam hydronic heating system. Both are highly efficient and offer the advantage of not blowing air to distribute heat. If you’re dealing with a boiler problem, we can help with that as well. Our plumbers can diagnose and correct thermostat issues, pressure that’s too high or too low, excess condensation, and more.

    Boiler Repair & Replacement in De Soto

    We recommend scheduling annual service for boilers in De Soto. Most boiler warranties require it. It also lowers your month-to-month heating costs and makes the system less prone to needing repairs. The buildup of sediment and minerals is by far the most common issue with hydronic heating systems. If you haven’t had your system flushed in a while, this is often the first boiler repair we advise.

    The thermostat is a part that may fail over time. A malfunctioning or broken thermostat can manifest in a number of different ways. The most obvious sign is you’re not getting enough heat or any at all. You may also experience rumbling and other odd noises. This is often due to overheating and high water pressure. If you hear sounds like that, turn off the boiler, and reach out to us right away.

    You should also call us for boiler repair at the first signs of excess moisture. In some cases, it’s just condensation, which is common with gas systems. However, it may also indicate a leak, such as from a valve. If the leak is from the tank itself, replacement may be necessary.

    Our team even provides boiler installation services. If you have an old boiler you’d like to replace, we can help you choose a new, modern solution. The latest boilers are impressively efficient and may make you eligible for rebates and other savings. You can also convert your home to a boiler from a furnace system. Many homeowners choose wall or baseboard radiators, but radiant heating panels are becoming increasingly popular.

    The benefits of a new boiler include:
    • Fewer repairs
    • Lower heating bills
    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • Higher energy-efficiency ratings
    • Tax credits and local energy rebates
    Technician repairing combi Gas Boiler

    Local Plumbing Services for Boilers

    De Soto Electrical Products has served De Soto and the surrounding areas since 1965. That means that we have over 55 years of experience meeting the heating needs of area homeowners. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and care. That approach has earned us many five-star reviews online. We also offer upfront, competitive pricing, specials, and installation financing on approved credit.

    If you have any additional questions about boiler repair or other boiler services in De Soto, contact us at De Soto Electrical Products today.