Count on the professional electricians from De Soto Electrical Products to give you the best in EV charging stations in De Soto, MO. Owning an electric car is great for many reasons, but charging in public places isn’t always fun. Rather than spending time sitting at a public charger, you may find more value in scheduling EV charging station installation services at your home. Let our experts tackle your EV charging, and we’ll ensure you reap all the benefits a home charger can offer.

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    Once you realize how convenient home charging is, let us install your new charger, and rest easy knowing the job is done right with the best quality you can find.

    EV Charging Stations in De Soto

    Now that you own an electric car, you need to find the best way to keep the battery charged. With an increase in the popularity of electric vehicles, there are more and more public charging spaces available. However, public charging has some drawbacks such as sitting idle while your car charges and paying extra for the electricity you use.

    Combat these inconveniences with a home EV charging station. Having a charging station installed in your home allows you to plug your car in to charge whenever works best for you. Charge your EV while you sleep, eat, relax, or pretty much anything else you do at home.

    man walking inside while his EV chargesHome EV chargers are available in three levels and vary on how much of a charge you can get in a certain amount of time. Most electric vehicles are sold with a basic level 1 charger that gives you very little charge. Levels 2 and 3 offer much faster charging. If you are interested in a level 2 or 3 EV charger, you’ll need an electrician to get you set up. Your home may not be equipped to handle the added load, meaning you’ll need a new circuit for your home charger. You’ll also need a new outlet to plug your charger into. A professional electrician from De Soto Electrical Products can handle these tasks quickly, efficiently, and safely to get you charging from home.

    Here are some of the advantages of home EV charging:
    • Spend less time sitting idle while your vehicle charges
    • Avoid sitting around in public places as you charge
    • Save money by paying only the true cost of electricity
    • Keep your car and yourself in the safety of your own home
    • Potential to sell charging services to other EV owners
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    Get Home EV Charging Today

    If you don’t enjoy driving in circles trying to find a public charger and wasting time sitting in your car while your battery charges, call our trusted electricians for professional EV charger installation services.

    We’ll check every detail during the installation process to ensure you can charge your car from home safely. We consider ourselves the top experts in EV charging in the De Soto area as we provide our customers with the convenience of home charging.

    For the most reliable electricians to install EV charging stations in De Soto, call De Soto Electrical Products today. We also service heating, cooling, smart thermostats, home appliance repairs and more.