Electrical Safety Tips to Follow in Winter

November 16, 2020

Average household energy use goes up during winter. It’s an important time to not let your guard down with electrical safety. If you don’t act safely when dealing with electricity, it can cause the loss of property and life.

Be Careful With the Space Heater

If you use space heaters, never use an extension cord with them or plug them into a power strip. These aren’t designed to handle the high wattage that space heaters need. You can cause the cord or power strip to melt or catch fire.

You should always keep space heaters on the ground. You never want to put them on a table or other furniture; that’s an accident waiting to happen. You should keep anything flammable far away from them.

Use Electric Blankets Responsibly

You should only use an electric blanket when you’re awake. If you see any worn or damaged areas, dispose of the electric blanket immediately.

Don’t Overload Electrical Outlets

Don’t overload electrical outlets with cords. Plugging too many cords into the same outlet is a common cause of fires during the holiday season. If you need additional electrical outlets, De Soto Electrical Products of De Soto, MO, can help you. Our electrical services include handling wiring projects.

Don’t Connect Too Many Strings of Lights

You should never have more than three strings of lights connected to each other. More than this can cause the circuit breaker to trip or cause a fire. Buy LED lights as they use less energy and don’t run hot like incandescent lights.

Use the Correct Extension Cords Outside

You should only use extension cords rated for outdoor use to supply electricity to your outdoor Christmas decorations. These cords have better insulation that protects the wires from moisture and swings in outdoor temperatures.

At De Soto Electrical Products, our electrical services include repairs, new home construction, complete rewiring projects, and more. We also install, repair, and maintain heaters and air conditioners. Additionally, we provide indoor air quality systems. Please call today to schedule an appointment.

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