3 Tips for Holiday Lights and Electrical Safety

December 17, 2019

Holiday lights are fun, and they are a great way to kick off festivities, but electricity can start fires or cause electric shock if you are not careful. During the holiday season in De Soto, MO, you want you and your family to stay safe. At De Soto Electrical Products, we want you to be safe, too.

Electrical Safety Is Important

1. Check your lights before you put them up. Visually inspect all of your lights for broken bulbs, bare wire, loose connections, and anything else that appears to be broken. Replace any broken bulbs. Don’t use cords that appear frayed or bare. Be sure to only use lights that have a label that says “Underwriters Laboratories (UL).” Hang up your unplugged lights after you have checked them. Then, turn them on and enjoy!

2. Be careful with your tree. When you leave your home or go to bed, unplug your lights. Make sure that your lights do not face the needles of the tree. Use a hook to redirect the lights away from your tree. Be sure to also watch that small animals and children do not play with your tree lights.

3. Be safe with all of your cords and outlets. The holiday season is a time when it snows. Therefore, it is important to keep cords and outlets out of water’s reach. Be sure not to overload extension cords or outlets.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

We have decades of experience for a reason. We care about our customers and deliver only the finest services to help you with your home repair and maintenance needs. Call us at De Soto Electrical Products today to learn more about our company or to schedule an appointment. We can assist with backup generator installation, residential rewiring, new home, and apartment wiring projects, electrical repairs, and more. We are looking forward to working with you and keeping you and your family safe this holiday season!

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