3 Electrical Safety Tips to Use This Fall

September 15, 2021
Electrical Safety in De Soto, MO

Cooler air has arrived in De Soto, MO, which means that it’s time to start doing some fall maintenance tasks. For many homeowners, that includes tidying the yard, getting out the winter gear and preparing for frigid weather. While taking care of your home and yard this fall, follow these three important electrical safety tips.

1. Remove Leaves

When the trees drop their leaves, rake them as soon as possible. Dried leaves are a fire hazard. Piles of leaves are also attractive to vermin, including mice. Keep dried leaves, tree branches and other combustible debris at least three feet away from electrical outlets, vents, flues and the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system or heat pump.

2. Choose Weatherproof Appliances for Outdoor Use

If you use an electric lawnmower, leaf blower, power washer or other appliances outdoors, be sure they’re rated for outdoor use. Try to avoid using extension cords. If you do use one, make sure that it’s weatherproof. If the cords or appliances got wet, have them inspected by a service technician before using them. Avoid using any electrical appliances with signs of damage, including frayed cords.

3. Rodent-Proof Your Home

In addition to spreading germs and contaminating your food, rodents can also wreak havoc on your home’s wiring and electrical system. A rodent must constantly chew because its front teeth continuously grow. Rodents will chew through insulation, drywall and wiring. Walk around the interior and exterior perimeter of your home. If you notice small gaps around outlets, plumbing or HVAC vents, flues or your foundation, use the appropriate type of filler to close those gaps. Inspect your home’s electrical box, and look for signs of pest infestations. Rodents may be attracted to the dark, warm area of the box.

De Soto Electrical Products is De Soto’s trusted electrical company. We also offer heating and air conditioning maintenance, furnace repair, replacement and installation services. You can also count on us for timely propane tank refills. For more tips on safely using electrical appliances and systems this fall, contact us at De Soto Electrical Products any time.

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