5 Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement

November 12, 2019

De Soto Electrical Products is a locally owned and operated heating company that has served De Soto for more than 50 years. Among the most common heating mistakes we encounter is when homeowners wait too long for a furnace replacement. Let us consider five signs that the time for you is now.

1. Age

The average furnace lifespan is 15-20 years. Even with regular maintenance, a furnace this old is inefficient, which raises your heating bill. What exacerbates this, and which many homeowners overlook, is the evolution of technology. Modern furnaces are far more energy-efficient than 15-year-old furnaces even if the older models were found new in their boxes.

2. Rising Energy Costs

You should track your energy bills each year so that you know, for instance, what a usual December costs. If you notice a spike that cannot be otherwise explained, schedule an inspection.

3. Uneven Heating

There are many reasons uneven heating can occur: suboptimal thermostat placement, ductwork leaks, closed registers, drafts and so on. But if those possibilities can be ruled out, then you have to consider that the lack of pressure may be due to the heating system itself.

4. Changes in Humidity

Low humidity is a common problem during winter. It can cause dry skin, exacerbate breathing conditions and cause static electricity. Furnaces often have an integrated humidifier that offsets the drying out effect. If the humidifier is malfunctioning, it may be possible to fix or replace it, but with an older furnace, it can be a sign that you are better off replacing the system.

5. Noises and Odor

Furnaces are rarely noise- and odor-free, but you will get to know your furnace over time. If you suddenly notice a new smell or sound, then this at the very least is an indication that you need to schedule a checkup. Frequent and loud rattles and hums are often an indication of structural issues.

Maximize Your Comfort

De Soto Electrical Products performs heating and cooling installations, repairs, and maintenance. Our electrical services include repairs, rewiring and backup generation installation. Contact us today to learn more about these services and schedule an appointment for a furnace replacement.

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