How Is An Electrical Panel Replaced?

September 13, 2022
Electrical Panel Being Replaced in De Soto, MO

At De Soto Electrical Products, we are proud to serve De Soto and the surrounding communities. We offer the full spectrum of electrical services, including electrical panel replacements.

Electrical panels are the heart of the electrical system. Also known as the breaker box or panel box, it is where utility power comes in and is distributed to the various circuits.

What the Electrical Panel Does

The panel box is usually on the outside or in an enclosure. The utility power comes in either underground or overhead. Power first goes through a meter; this is where the utility reads power usage for billing. Then, the main breaker protects the circuit breakers.

Each circuit breaker protects the “downstream” outlets, switches, lights, and wires connecting them. For delicate electronic devices, it’s important to have plug-in surge protectors.

This explanation is based on the old design that was used for new home construction for decades. Having your old panel replaced is an opportunity to upgrade to several newer breaker types for improved safety.

Upgrading and Replacing Your Panel

If you’re considering upgrading and replacing your current panel, first consult with the electrical contractor. Be sure to inquire about all the possible upgrades, including:

  • Ground fault circuit interrupter breakers
  • Arc fault circuit interrupter breakers
  • Whole-house surge protection
  • New circuits for convenience
  • Upgrading to a higher amperage panel/service

Replacing an electrical panel is complicated because each circuit needs to be identified for amperage. Each breaker type is rated for the amperage of the circuit. Then the circuit wires are labeled and disconnected. Very carefully, electricians remove the old panel and place the new one, and then the new breakers are placed and wired.

Your De Soto Area Electricians

Our team members at De Soto Electrical Products are part of the community and know we live by providing good customer service. We also know that there is only one way to do electrical service – up to code and right the first time. Qualified electricians are the only ones to trust for your household’s safety.

We are here for every question and to explain all our services. We also offer furnace and air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair, as well as geothermal heating and indoor air quality improvements. When you are ready to upgrade your electrical panel, we are ready too. Feel free to call anytime!

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