How Long Does It Take to Wire a House?

November 20, 2022
electrician in De Soto, MO

Wiring a house is a complicated job that requires a certified and qualified electrician to get it done right. As the house is getting built, the electrical work is slowly and carefully integrated into it, and the time it takes would depend on how long construction takes. The electrical work is then finalized towards the end of the construction process. This helps avoid damage to electrical fixtures during construction. Electricians follow the proper procedure to ensure the quality is up to standard. Homeowners should know how their house is wired in case they need to make changes in the future. The steps that electricians take to wire a new home are:

Temporary Electrical Source

Electrical plans are always planned out before construction has started. However, electricity is still required during the construction process to power various construction tools. An electrician will use a temporary electrical source for this purpose.

Wiring and Installations

When the house is fully built and the structure stands, construction mainly focuses on tidying up. Installation of electricals such as security, entertainment, lights, and switchboards is done at this point. All the circuits throughout the house are installed and directed back to the circuit breaker box. Switches, receptacles, and other mechanisms take one day to be installed. Depending on the house size, the entire process could take over a week to complete.


Appliances such as air conditioning and fans are installed when the house is practically complete to avoid them getting damaged during construction. This process takes a few days maximum.

Warranty and Testing

When all appliances are installed, you and the electrician can begin testing the fixtures and appliances to ensure they function as they should. The electrician can still make last-minute changes at this point. The electrician then hands over the warranty once everything is up to standard.

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