How Should I Recycle Electrical Wiring Waste?

May 19, 2022
Recycling in De Soto, MO

Responsibly recycling your electrical wiring helps the environment around you and lowers your wastefulness. There are plenty of local and statewide options that can safely dispose of your wires and cords. Here’s how you can safely recycle your household’s electrical wiring waste.

Repurpose or Donate

Before throwing out any of your power cords, make sure you don’t have any other use for them. Find ways to reuse items that are still working or give them to family members and friends. You can even donate your items to thrift stores or used electronics buyers. Just because you no longer have use of an item doesn’t mean it has to be thrown away or recycled.

Avoid Municipal Recycling Services

Most of the United States does not yet offer electrical waste options with local recycling programs. Even if you’re allowed to throw your wires and cords in with your other recycling, it likely won’t be safely recycled and could end up at the landfill. Electrical waste poses a safety risk at trash sites where it could easily harm wildlife or create a toxic environment.

Find Local E-Waste Recycling Centers

The best way to recycle your electrical wiring waste is by bringing it to centers that specialize in handling it. Search online to find nearby local options for your particular type of waste. You can also find pick-up and mail-in options if you don’t have any nearby alternatives. These recycling centers ensure the waste is safely managed and kept out of landfills.

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