How to Prepare for a Power Outage

March 9, 2021
Power Outage

Natural forces, such as ice, high winds, heavy snow, and bitter cold, can compromise power grids in De Soto, MO. Also, power outages can be caused by cyberattacks. In addition, aging power grids can make power outages more common now than in the past. Here are some tips you can use to survive a power outage in your neighborhood.

Fill the Tub

The city water supply might also go down after your power grid does the same. Therefore, it’s wise to have enough water to take you through the power outage period. Therefore, fill up your buckets, tub, and bottles with water. Ensure that you seal your tub drain with duct pipe tape to prevent the water from draining away because of poor sealing.

Turn the Car Into a Generator

You can survive a power outage using a power inverter to turn the DC from your vehicle into AC. You can use the current for electric devices during a power outage. You can use the small units to recharge your phone or computer. The larger units can power your power tools or fridge. However, you should never run a car in an enclosed space like a garage as it could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Emergency Kit

You need an outage emergency kit in your home in case of floods, storms, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. Your kit ought to have matches, an alternative light source like candles and a torch, and an alternative cooking source like a gas burner. The emergency kit ought to also have a first aid kit, bottled water, battery-powered clock radio, and non-perishable food that can last for three days or more.

Save Food With Ice

A power outage can cause food to spoil in freezers and fridges. You can survive an outage by filling locking freezer bags with water and storing them in the freezer. They will help your freezer stay cold for longer during the outage.

Power outages can be annoying and dangerous. You can contact our professionals if you have an unexplained power outage. We will inspect your power supplies and advise accordingly. We also specialize in air conditioner repair, indoor air quality systems, boilers and heat pumps. Call De Soto Electrical Products today for all your electric and power outage needs in De Soto, MO.

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