How to Spot Inexperienced Electrical Work

March 17, 2023
Power Outage in De Soto, MO

Are you a homeowner starting to worry about the electrical work done in your house? Professional electricians are knowledgeable and understand safety first when it comes to electricity. Work done by an inexperienced person may pose dangers to their own life and yours, and amateur electricians often underestimate the complexity of projects or lack certain certifications. Read on for our guide on detecting amateur electrical work.

1. Melted Outlet Covers

Melted outlet covers are a tell-tale sign that an amateur electrician performed the work. Short circuits, loose wiring, and unprofessional installation can all contribute to melting plastic outlet covers and create a severe hazard in your home or business.

2. Chaos in the Breaker Box

If you encounter messy wires jumbled together in your breaker box, it is likely a sign that an amateur did the electrical work. It is important to remember that electrical installation should be done carefully and safely, so any signs of reckless installation could present a fire hazard.

3. Bare Wiring

This can be dangerous, as exposed wires are major hazards and could potentially lead to shocks or fires. Even small mistakes can have catastrophic consequences, which is why licensed electricians must be knowledgeable about modern electrical codes and knows the importance of proper tools and safety protocols to avoid putting people in danger.

Rely on the Professionals

Trusting experienced professionals to get the necessary electrical work done correctly is always important. Everyone deserves to be safe and secure, so getting your home checked out by professionals like De Soto Electrical Products is essential. With our years of expertise backed by the assurance of quality products, we can help inspect and upgrade your home’s electrical systems so that you won’t have anything to worry about.

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