How to Choose the Right Generator Size for Your Home

May 12, 2023
Generator Installation in De Soto, MO
Updated On: 10/19/23

Installing a generator in your De Soto, MO home will ensure that you maintain power during weather emergencies. However, to ensure that you still have access to all of the electrical items you need during an outage, you must determine the right generator size for your household’s needs.

Calculate How Much Power Your Appliances Require

To accurately calculate the right generator wattage, you’ll need to add up the electricity demands of all the appliances you want to power. A whole-house generator that’s wired into your home’s electrical system will automatically take over your power supply as soon as electricity from your utility company is cut off.

Keep in mind that anything that’s plugged in and active at the moment of an outage must be accounted for in your calculation, even if you don’t intend to use it throughout the outage’s duration. This includes every lamp, lighting fixture, and entertainment device. It also includes your refrigerator, electric water heater, and other major appliances.

The Power Requirements of Appliances When Cycling On

Although you can use general estimates to determine how much wattage individual appliances use, it’s important to note that wattage needs vary when certain appliances cycle on. For instance, your refrigerator uses more electricity just as its motor kicks into action. Your air conditioner and heating system will too. These surges in power demand have a definite impact on your generator sizing needs.

Backfeeding and Why You Require Professional Generator Installation

When you want a generator that’s wired directly into your home, you must have it professionally installed. In Missouri, permanent whole-home generator installation requires an electrical permit. This is a statewide precaution to ensure that electricity is never accidentally backfed into the power grid.

Backfeeding or the reverse flow of electricity poses the risk of electrocution for utility company workers and others. Thus, to keep things simple, it’s best to have your chosen installer help you calculate your generator sizing needs. Not only will we make sure that your new generator is both correctly installed and permitted, but we’ll also make sure that it has the right size and the right range of capabilities for supporting your home.

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