Top Residential Electrical Myths

December 20, 2021
Electrical Myths in De Soto, MO

It’s fun to talk about myths, but it’s crucial to distinguish between facts and fiction when it comes to significant matters like electrical systems. Luckily, experts at De Soto Electrical Products are here to ready to help you do that. Read on to find out the most common myths surrounding electricity in many households.

A Low-Voltage Shock Is Not Risky

Instead of calling in an expert, you may opt to tinker with your home’s wiring. Lacking the protective gear and required skills, you can end up experiencing shocks when performing your DIY project. Low voltage is not dangerous, is it? Wrong! It’s the Currently, the electrical current, measured in amperes, not voltage, that’s dangerous. Under the right conditions, a 12V car battery can cause injuries, bruises, and even death.

Rubber Objects Are Well Insulated

When embarking on a DIY electrical project, most homeowners put on rubber gloves and shoes as protective gear. Although this is a reasonable precaution, it’s not adequate to avert an accident. Most rubber products contain additives to enhance strength and durability, making them good conductors. Rather than protecting you, the wrong rubber products such as gloves can put you at a higher risk of electrocution.

Power Lines Are Usually Insulated

As a child, you probably wondered how birds rest on a power line and don’t get electrocuted. First, the birds’ tissues and cells are not strong enough to create a conductive path. Second, birds don’t come into contact with the ground or other electric wires with a different voltage. Consequently, there will be no charge imbalance or electron flow. Most power lines are uninsulated, and those with insulation have degraded over time. Thus, you should never go near or touch a fallen power line, even those coated with rubber.

Only Outdated Wiring Goes Bad

Most people believe that only old wires can go wrong. However, there are cases where new wiring systems go wrong right after installation. And just like other systems in your home, electrical wires require regular maintenance. They can wear and degrade over time due to overloads and rodents. Thus, ensure you work closely with a professional electrician to keep your electrical wiring system in top shape.

If you’re facing electrical problems in De Soto, MO, and nearby areas, contact De Soto Electrical Products right away. We offer an array of services, including residential electrical, heating, and cooling services. We have highly trained and qualified electricians who can restore power to your De Soto home within no time. Contact us today!

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