What’s the Life Expectancy of HVAC Systems?

June 13, 2022
AC units in De Soto, MO

HVAC systems, which can range from heat pumps to dual-fuel and hybrid systems, will run for a greater or shorter time depending on several factors. Let’s lay out those factors below.

The Type of HVAC System

A central air conditioner can go between 10 and 15 years whereas a ductless AC can perform efficiently for up to three decades. Then, among furnaces, you get a wide range. Gas and electric furnaces usually last 15 to 20 years, but an oil furnace’s life span tends to be about five years shorter than that.

How Much Maintenance You Do

Whatever the type of system you own, we can almost guarantee that it won’t last even a decade if you neglect maintenance. All experts agree that HVAC maintenance should be done twice a year: one tune-up for the AC and one for the furnace or heat pump. And though you can replace the air filter and perform other minor tasks, you need a professional to handle the rest.

A tune-up can catch all sorts of little problems before they become noticeable, and it covers numerous adjustments and repairs. All of this ensures that the system runs smoothly and without strain: thus, minimal wear and tear, which lengthens the life span.

The Climate You Live In

A well-maintained system may not experience strain and stress while it runs, but it will still wear down sooner if you run it continually. Climate is naturally the one big factor that determines how frequently you switch your HVAC system on and off, so it’s good to consider this as well.

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